Christine Klepp, MD

lnterventional Pain Management

Christine Klepp, M.D. has good news for adult patients suffering from chronic pain. “If you’ve been told by others ‘There’s nothing we can do for you. You have to suffer through it,’ call me, because the buck stops here in my office. That pain is not in your head.

Dr. Klepp received her doctorate of medicine at the University of Guadalajara Medical School while continuing her Doctor of Medicine-Fifth Pathway Program in New York at Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

An experienced interventional pain specialist, Dr. Klepp maintains an open ear for her patients at all times. If it hurts, she cares. ‘’I not only treat the patient, I treat the patient’s family,” she explains. “I educate them to understand the problem and the different pathways we can use to alleviate
the discomfort.

Her expertise extends to both acute and chronic pain.

She diagnoses “head to toe,” including:
• Arthritis pain
• Shoulder pain
• Knee and hip pain
• Backpain
• Footpain
• Muscle pain
• Slow healing wounds
• Post-surgical pain
• Headaches
• Neck, thoracic, and lumbar pain due to disk injuries or degenerative disk disease

Once the source of pain is identified, Dr. Klepp offers an array of pain management tools. Medications, epidural injections, facet joint injections, trigger point injections, and nerve root blocks are just some of the methods available to treat pain.

Dr. Klepp is fluent in Spanish.